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Digital Game on Steam

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*ATTENTION* Buying the Steam version of Libra through Lv XERO means you will need to wait up to 12 hours before we can issue you a key. If you buy directly on Steam, you can have the Key immediately. So why would you buy the game on Lv XERO? If you buy the game here, Steam does not take a cut which means more money goes to the game makers. Like a difficult decision in a great visual novel, the choice is completely up to you. We very much appreciate you playing Libra either way!

This is the digital (Steam Key) version of “Libra of the Vampire Princess” in English.
Includes Steam bonuses: Achievements and Trading Cards.

Shuma Kusanagi is just an ordinary boy…
Until the day he is suddenly abducted by a mysterious girl named Iris. She reveals to him a hidden secret about his birth…

Coursing through his veins, Shuma has a special kind of blood – vampire blood passed down from his progenitors. Iris is known as a “ringleader” vampire who also has this ancestral blood. Her destiny: to “awaken” Shuma.

In his attempt to flee her clutches, Iris pounces on him to finish the embrace! Luckily, at the very last moment, the keepsake ring given to Shuma by his mother emits a blinding light that interrupts her vicious attack.

Shuma breaks free and escapes from Iris, but soon realizes something inside him has gone amiss. Could he have become an odd, partially-turned vampire? Now, many girls are entering his life from many directions and complicating the situation. To make matters worse, he is plagued from an overwhelming impulse to suck…
…their blood.

Play time: 50+ hours
Audio: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Interface: English
Label: Onomatope*
Developer: XERO
Publishers: XERO and MiKandi Japan

*This version of Libra does not include the 18+ eroge scenes. To add these scenes, you will need to add the “18+ uncensored patch” which will be made available for FREE when the game is released.

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