Digital Mini Episode Bundle

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Product Description

Did you enjoy Libra of the Vampire Princess? If so, it`s time to go even further into our world.

The Libra Mini Episode Bundle is a digital add-on patch compatible with all physical and digital versions of “Libra of the Vampire Princess” in English.

Mini Episode 1: Vampire Origins, According to Iris

2,000 year old Iris Pumila brings to light an event which took place in a past world, a world that was coming to an end. This is the long story before she, Shuma`s anscestor Aconite, and Karen`s ancestor Galega, the first three families, came to the present world.

Mini Episode 2: Aoi`s Hunt for Lycoris

After Lycoris goes missing during a vampire investigation, Aoi follows the trail to Yurigaoka-city in hopes of tracking down her whereabouts. It`s an emotional ride, but Aoi tries to keep herself together by thinking back on the time when she first became “red head Grim Reaper” Lycoris`s partner.

Play time: 2+ hours
Audio: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Interface: English
Label: Onomatope*
Developer: XERO
Publishers: XERO and MiKandi Japan

*These mini-episodes were unlocked as stretch goals during our Kickstarter campaign and provide bonus content for Libra’s narrative. A special thank you to everyone who supported us on Kickstarter. You helped make extending our universe possible!

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